These include bowls of rice and soup present with nearly every main meal, along with sides of kimchi, pickles and gochugang chilli paste. Being a peninsula, seafood is also very popular in Korea and they’re big on flavour, so you’ll find lots of sesame oil, soy and generous amounts of garlic, ginger and chilli in traditional Korean food.
Central to any traditional Korean restaurant is the addition of a charcoal grill in the middle of the table better known as Korean BBQ. Guests grill their own thin slices of marinated meat on the grill and slice into small pieces, before rolling in a sheet of iceberg lettuce and dipping into a garlic, chilli and soybean paste. 
Korean BBQ is abundant in Perth, with several options around the city to experience the unique DIY style dining experience. Fried chicken and beer are also widely celebrated in modern Korea, so we recommend a must-try spot in Northbridge where you can try this contemporary tradition, along with three of Perth’s best Korean BBQ spots to check out around the city. 

Palsaik Namoo 

78 Barrack Street
A casual and entertaining spot for dinner, Palsaik Namoo is best known for their affordable and generously sized set menu options. The most memorable set menu being their degustation of pork belly with eight different marinades, including wine pork belly, ginseng, or miso paste pork belly. The menu comes with complimentary side dishes, including a seafood soybean paste stew and 2 bowls of steamed rice and vegetables for under $60.  If you don’t feel like grilled meats, you can opt for seafood broths with prawns and silken noodles cooked on a gas burner in front of your eyes.