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Audio Guide to the Galaxy

Audio Guide to the Galaxy is a new interstellar podcast series that allows you to stargaze from the comfort of your own home, thanks to Scitech!
New guides are released Saturday nights at 7.30pm.
Season 2

Episode 1 - Know where you stand    
Winter nights might be chilly, but you can be rewarded with some of the best stargazing experiences of the year! In this episode you’ll learn the basics of navigating by the stars. Put your new skills into practise by finding the Centaur in the night sky.
Valid: at 7.30pm on any night of the week starting Friday 29 May
Episode 2 - Syzygy
This week we explore the relationship between Earth and the Moon to understand the causes of tides and eclipses. We also ponder the most profound question in human existence: How do you prounounce syzygy? Oh, and 'How did we get here?'
Valid: from 7pm Friday 5 June, but you can listen to it whenever you want, anytime you can see the moon in the sky
Episode 3 - Messengers in the Sky
This week, we're heading out a little earlier to catch the planet Mercury as the sun sets in the west, then sticking around to watch the constellation Scorpius rise in the east. We'll also hear some stories about each - despite being on opposite sides of the sky right now, they've got more in common than you might think...
Valid: at 6pm any night from 12 June

Episode 5: Tea and pancakes

Did you know that galaxies are made up of stars, dust and gas? Join Leah for a stargazing session to discover the wonders of our own galaxy, the Milky Way. This week we're looking out through a cosmic pancake, and finding a teapot with a black hole on its spout!

Valid: 7pm, on any night of the week starting the 26 June. The objects we're looking at this week are especially impressive if you're outside the city - so if you're headed out camping soon, make sure you've got this episode downloaded and ready to go.

Episode 6: Walking Guide to the Solar System

This week we have a special school holiday edition of the Audio Guide to the Galaxy called ‘Walking Guide to the Solar System’. 

Valid: This episode is intended to be listened to while you go for a walk or get out and about outside. We’re going to start at the Sun and walk all the way to Mars – and beyond – into the asteroid belt. Yes really! Each step you take will be the equivalent of travelling at 175,000 km per second. See how far you can go!

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