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Its Wine Time

Pork lovers... this one's for you!

Chefs Chase Weber and Rodelio Panganiban have created a feast throwing the spotlight on pork raised at Arimia Estate and Linley Valley Pork. Asian flavours shine and Chef Rod pays homage to his Filipino roots.

Wine savant Langdon Farrelly of The Vintner has selected wines to match and will take you through each as the night goes on. 

An evening of porcine goodness and delish wines await!

Thursday, 24 September 
7pm start

On the table 
Chicharron, salt & vinegar 

Golden Child Wines Rose '19
Charcuterie from our own pigs raised on Arimia Estate 
Spent grain sourdough, roast pork butter

Higher Plane Wines Chardonnay '18
Pork jowl, mud crab, jamon consommé, puffed scallop cracker 

Aphelion Wine Grenache '19
Whole stuffed & roasted suckling pork lechon 
Vietnamese lemongrass grilled pork loin
Crispy fried pork hock, black pepper butter 
Braised pork belly & dried prawn laing
Sizzling sisig 
Salt & vinegar potato salad 
Coconut rice 

Mango gelato, Davidson plum cream, sour coconut, vodka gummies. 
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    Thursday 24th September | 7pm 

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    The Standard

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