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Wellington Square

Wellington Square

If you’re looking for a space to run around with the kids, take your dog for an off the lead walk, kick a footy or just enjoy a picnic, then you’ll love Wellington Square.

Originally a swamp that was drained in the 1830s, in the early days of Perth’s history it was used to exercise horses. The ground was also known as the Recreation Ground or the "Rec". 

Prior to the construction of the WACA Ground in the 1890s, the park was the main cricket ground in Perth.

Cleared in 1898 to form a series of cricket fields, the ground was named in honour of the Duke of Wellington, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom at the time of the settlement of the Swan River Colony.

In the 1900s the ground was used for West Australian Football League matches.

Perth Rugby Club (later Perth-Bayswater) also used the square from the late 1920s as a training venue.

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